An Attempt To Replace A Window
30 August 2014

The premise was to do an artwork for the Academy of Media Arts, Cologne.
I wanted to reduce the art work to the mere process of completion of a task.
Furthermore I wanted to deal with the Academy of Media Arts Cologne, both physically and institutional as a process of art production.
The maximum budget was 1000 €.
My concept proposed to replace one window by an equivalent one in the seminar room of Julia Scher, professor at the Academy of Media Arts, Cologne. The cost estimated by a local glass company was 1444,44 € of which I agreed to cover the missing 144,44 €.
The project was officially submitted to the process of project approval and successive approved by the authorities and professors respectively in charge. Furthermore contract over the project was signed. Ensuing the work was assigned to a local glass company.
On the verge of the production, the head of the school vetoed the completion of the art work due to an unreasonable use of the budget.
Subsequent, the work lead to a discussions in various committees and panels about restriction of art and sense-making of art. The complete board of professors backed up the concept and opposed the decision of the head of the school.
Eventually the project was approved, but could not be completed, du to a fire in the building and a relocation of the seminar room into a new building.
The project was approved by the professor in charge as an accomplished task.