COSE COSMICHE – The Proposal
1 September 2014

Italy / India
2012 – ?

In Nov 2012 I travelled to the Himalayan mountains of Ladakh in the Kashmir region in north India to deposit a box containing proposals for “Cose Cosmiche” together with the price money for the Cose Cosmiche Prize.
My hope is that a future society will find the proposals and use the money to execute one proposed art work.

“(…)What makes you say that a thing-situation-event-creation is Cosmic? It is something which goes beyond the parameters we are used to and which are given by the contingency, by our generation, epoch, planet.(…)”

COSE COSMICHE – PROPOSAL by Moritz Fingerhut
“Let me first of all point out, that I am really delighted by you call for proposals. The quest to propose an artwork that “must not be dependable and justifiable in the economic, moral or artistic points of view. All this but with a high content of future vision“ reads to me like a focal point of artistic production per se. And yet, I think it either accounts for all artistic work, or it is impossible achieve. In short: As soon as a proposal is discussed in an art environment, it automatically relates to this social context. The artwork or proposal for itself is nothing. The context – may it be the gallery or the viewer makes it to be an artwork – or not. The artwork depends on an audience, that can read, understand, relate, build upon,… it. In this case, the audience is the jury, that is composed of “ scientist, critics, artists, boxers and collectors”. But this audience is always already submerged in it’s own society. As hard as I think, I do only see one way out of this: My proposal for Cose Cosmiche is that I refuse to accept the jury.
Option 1: I propose to let creatures decide about the proposals that do not stand within our society. A random animal from a list of animals should be selected to decide about the proposals for Cose Cosmiche.
Option 2: The proposals together with the project budget will be kept in a box for xxxx years, so that other societies in the future, that are not part of our society anymore can decide upon the proposals.”