The Christensen Room
2 September 2014

THE CHRISTENSEN ROOM is an art project developed by Moritz Fingerhut and Kristine Christensen as part of the Human Hotel artist residency.

Moritz’s original intention for his artistic collaboration was to reorganize and recreate Kristine’s family photo album through photo collages and montages. However, news came that all of Kristine’s family photo albums, as well as many other precious belongings from her childhood and that of her daughter’s, had been taken by movers and thrown away by mistake. Moritz and Kristine had to then start from scratch.

During the course of the next 10 days, Moritz had Kristine verbally recall her old photos, letters, and memories that could once be seen through photos and souvenirs, but are now intangible memories. Recordings were made in the home she grew up in, locations around her home town, and personal places around Copenhagen. Visitors who came to the exhibition of The CHRISTENSEN ROOM were invited to listen to these intimate recordings on personal headsets, interpret her memories through their own imagination, and draw on paper whatever images came to their mind. In other words, recreate the visual documents that were once lost.

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“THE CHRISTENSEN ROOM DRAWINGS” containing the complete collection of drawings created during the exhibition are now available in US, UK, DE, IT& ES.
ISBN-10: 0992157218
ISBN-13: 978-0992157210